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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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of those who were unable to see the conclusion of the race here just yesterday. i want to say that boston is beginning to show signs of coming back. we are now one block closer, allowed to be one block closer to where the bombs went off as the investigation area, the crime scene area becomes smaller. live in boston, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> okay, terry, thanks for the update. dozens of runners from the bay area flew to boston to participate in this marathon that included a martinez woman whose 11-year-old son was injured in the blast. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in martinez where she spoke with friends of the family. >> we're just trying to get through this. >> reporter: katherine hern is just trying to keep it together as her 11-year-old grandson, aaron, remains in intensive care in boston. aaron was hit by shrapnel monday as he waited for his mother to cross the boston marathon finish line. >> they are just kind of stabilizing him and will go back in tomorrow and finish taking
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care of the shrapnel injury. >> reporter: aaron was just six feet away from one of the blasts. his grandmother says he was so close, his hair was singed, and things were so chaotic, the ambulance took him away before his parents could process what had happened. >> after all that 26 miles, katherine ran, they had to walk from hospital to hospital to try to find aaron because they didn't know where he was. >> reporter: tonight aaron's classmates and teachers at martinez junior high school are heart broken and worried. students have started a collection to help the family pay for expenses. >> i'd like aaron to know that we miss him and i hope that he is doing well and we're thinking of him every minute. >> i've known aaron since he was 2. he was the welcome wagon when we moved in, so, you know, it's -- this isn't supposed to happen to people that you know. >> reporter: neighbor nicole is planning a photo shoot fund-raiser on saturday to help the family too.
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aaron, his sister and parents are well known in martinez and well loved. >> he has our full love and support and thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: aaron's grandmother has been scrambling to book a flight to boston. she managed to do that today so she'll be flying out on thursday to be by his side. in martinez, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> and stay with us for continuing coverage of the very latest on the boston bombings. our website, is updated with the very latest information around the clock. right now you'll find a story about some specially trained dogs who are headed to boston to comfort the victims. search comfort dogs. and in 15 minutes, investigators aren't the only ones searching for answers tonight. children are searching for answers today. we're going to take a closer look at the difficult conversations parents are having with their kids about this tragedy. we have some breaking news to share with you. this comes out of the east bay. within the last 45 minutes, oakland police made a major announcement in the shooting death of a santa clara county
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paramedic. five people are now under arrest for that crime. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us live from the oakland police headquarte headquarters. i know you were at the news conference. it's the age of the suspects that seems to be catching a lot of people's attention. >> reporter: that's right. police chief howard jordan is very disturbed about that. and it's also ironic that this news of an arrest, five arrests, rather, would come out on the same day that quinn boyer was laid to rest in oakland. but this is what we know so far this afternoon. oakland police gang unit has been conducting surveillance on a group of juveniles they believe shot and killed paramedic quinn boyer. police chief howard jordan said during a news conference today that five suspects are now in custody. their ages range between 14 and 16 years old. boyer was shot and killed while driving his car on keller avenue and handsome drive on april 2nd, you may remember. his car careened into a ravine. sources say the car the suspects used in the shooting was carjacked from a liquor store
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hours before the shooting. that car has since been recovered. police chief jordan says teenagers involved in heinous, violent crimes like this is becoming a trend and, he said, it's a trend that needs to stop. >> this is a disturbing trend that we've noticed here in this city. that far too often in the recent past we've noticed that the age of the suspects involved in many violent crimes, including robberies, have now ranged between 13 to 17. >> reporter: now, this case will soon go before the district attorney. now, police say that there were some admissions in this case. now, these juveniles, between the ages of 14 and 16 years old, will be charged with homicide, robbery and carjacking. police say it's too soon to determine if these youth will be charged as adults. in fact the district attorney will make that determination. reporting live from police head
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quarter, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. new at 6:00 tonight a state senator is asking governor jerry brown to shake up the lordship at the state's public utilities commission. the call comes less than 24 hours after the nbc bay area investigative unit uncovered a confidential internal document raising questions about the puc's commitment to safety. topekay kovaleski broke the story and the senator has called on the governor to hold someone accountable. >> reporter: in fact he's calling for change at the very top. this is clear ly a report the pc wanted to keep from the public. some admitting safety is not a priority at the puc, admitting working in a culture that fos r fosters cozy relationships with the utilities it regulates. >> that's outrageous and goes to the culture that the puc has, it goes to the leadership of the
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public utilities commission. >> reporter: state senator jerry hill reacting to the information inside this previously secret, previously confidential report. >> it shows that the culture, that the issue of safety is sdp that has not been a priority. >> oh, my god, that is crazy. >> reporter: since the san bruno explosions in 2010, the puc's role and reputation have been challenged. >> multiple structures on fire and we have a fire ball still coming out. >> reporter: and now questions are coming from the inside. this report included interviews with high-ranking members of the puc and other members of the staff. page two includes this eye-opening quote. if we were enforcing the rules, we would not have to worry about a safety culture. it concludes if we were holding the utilities accountable and doing what we were supposed to be doing, san bruno would never have happened. the confidential document also says insiders identified an overly cozy relationship with regulated utilities, an accusation the executive director denied pack in 2011.
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>> this is what i have to say to anyone who has that perception. it's wrong. >> now the puc has declined requests to discuss report on camera. in a written statement it said in part the report is the result of the informal survey. it is not an analysis of our safety culture or conclusions by our consultants, but a reporting back of what some employees said in informal focus groups. >> safety is by far their most important responsibility, and they have neglected that responsibility andclearly indicated by this report and what we saw in san bruno. >> reporter: responding to the details of this report, senator hill says the time has come to force change from sacramento. >> the governor needs to replace the president of the public utilities commission. >> reporter: senator hill says he will ask governor brown to remove puc president michael peevy. remove him from a job he has
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held since his apartment in 2002 by governor gray davis. >> are you calling on the governor to make changes? >> if he wants. if we want, and we need the credibility and the integrity of the public utilities commission to be something that we can have confidence that they are protecting our interests, the only way that can happen is to change the top. that means changing the leadership. that means changing the president of the public utilities commission. >> reporter: now, referencing the report, the puc says it plans to use the results to help define what needs to change. we asked for an interview with puc president michael peevy to respond to the senator's call for his job. our request received no response. governor brown's office also declined to comment. now, we do expect comments tomorrow at the capitol. a special hearing into the puc, into that report and woe will be there. >> great work, tony. if you have a tip for our investigative unit just give us a call at 888-996-tips.
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unraveling a mystery in the south bay. up ahead the coordinated acts of vandalism that knocked out 911 service in southern santa clara county and prompted a power alert. and i'm kris sanchez in san jose where three teenage suspects go to jouvenile court for crimes that seem very adult. what we know about the hearing today. also a change of plans for thousands of passengers. the glitch that grounded all american airlines flights across the nation for hours today. and we're wrapping up a breezy, cool day around the bay area with snow showers over the sierra and a few lingering showers in northern sonoma county. that cold air dropping our temperatures quick low this evening by 9:00 and, yes, by 11:00 already into the 40s and 30s by tomorrow morning. we'll talk about a winter chill back in the forecast when we come back.
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a critical hearing today for three teens accused of sexually assaulting a los gatos girl, an assault her family says led to her death. we know the hearing took place. that may be all we ever know about it. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joins us live from juvenile hall in san jose to explain why. kris. >> reporter: hi there, janelle. there's almost nothing coming out of the juvenile court today except for a very stern warning about the importance of confidentiality in the case of the three young suspects accused of violating a classmate while she was unconscious last labor day. >> i can't confirm or deny that there's any specific juvenile hearings going on. >> reporter: by law none of the parties involved can discuss a detention hearing held this morning for the three teenage suspects accused of sexually assaulting 15-year-old audrie pott, because those suspects are considered minors. we do know that the pott family was present and that everyone was told by the judge that everyone needed to make sure no
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details got out. a short time later, the family cancelled a planned interview with nbc news today. yesterday audrie's mother, father and stepmother announced they filed a civil lawsuit against the three teens, saying by sexually assaulting audrie while she was drunk last labor day weekend and showing pictures of the assault at school, they drove the 15-year-old girl to suicide. in addition to the civil suit, the family is pushing hard to have the teen suspects tried as adults. >> these types of crimes are not juvenile. sexual assault is an adult crime. these boys distributed the pictures to humiliate and further bully my daughter. >> reporter: today the family spokesman reiterated the issue of confidentiality. >> everything that happened in there has to stay confidential. that's all i can say, i'm sorry. >> reporter: i reached out to all of the suspects' attorneys. only one returned my call, saying that he believes that juvenile court is the appropriate place for this to be adjudicated. if eventually the court decides
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otherwise, then these three teens are tried as adults and then everything will be public. if it remains in the juvenile court, then everything will be sealed, including the possible punishment. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kris. grief counselors were assigned to a south pay school today after a first grader was killed in an overnight house fire. san jose fire investigators worked to determine what caused the flames to broke out in the city's japan town neighborhood. 7-year-old mariah gomez attended grant elementary. fire officials say the girl's great grandfather rushed in with a fire extinguisher and helped save her 4-year-old sister. the younger girl is hospitalized tonight and she did receive burns. we really don't know her condition. american airlines is blaming a computer glitch for grounding flights nationwide. the problem was with the airline's computerized reservation system. flights delayed and cancelled across the country, including at san francisco international airport. some people decided to get comfortable on the floor and wait out the issue.
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a ma rock maraga couple said th going home and will try again tomorrow. >> until they get their systems back they can't start planning where they put people. so they stopped taking flights into their hubs, so they're not even allowing flights out of here to go to their destinations. >> american flies about 275,000 passengers a day. the carrier said in a statement that it saw no evidence the technical outage was in any way related to the deadly bombing in boston. the stones are rolling into town next week and today it was announced that sir paul himself will be making a visit. the lineup for the sixth annual outside lands music and arts festival at golden gate park in san francisco released today. headlined by former beatle palm mccartney, other bands include the red hot chili peppers and nine inch nails. some 200,000 people are expected to attend the festival which is
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scheduled for august 9th. if you're interested, tickets go on sale at noon this thursday. >> too bad it's not this weekend because we've got some great weather on the way. let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> we're going to get a little summer preview of our weather by the time we reach this weekend but this evening it is cool and breezy once again. 58 degrees in san francisco. still mid-60s inland around fairfield, concord. almost everybody is seeing the same temperature right now, 65 degrees. but based on where you are you're seeing different winds coming into the north. there's cooler drier air which will settle into the inland valley setting us up for a cold night in the north bay. but a west wind in san francisco bringing marine layer air over towards oakland. gusty at the airport, west at 28 miles an hour. that will ensure that the inner bay will see temperatures in the 40s to near 50. inland, a different story. we've been watching those showers in the sierra which has been dropping a few snow showers
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at times around lake tahoe. notice how things are calming down as the sun sets. the atmosphere begins to stabilize. these showers will begin to decrease, including the few we've been watching around lake county this afternoon. so mainly cloud-free tonight. even along the coast some patches of low clouds. as we head along tomorrow morning, these clear skies will lead to temperatures mainly in the 40s and some 30s as you head further inland. 40s around the inner bay but look at the 30s showing up around live more and up towards santa rosa, down towards morgan hill. some of the cooler spots tomorrow morning so you definitely need the jacket for the morning. now we're getting closer to t-shirt weather by the afternoon. 70s foinally coming back to the bay area. and by thursday and friday, these numbers you see behind me may jump by 10 degrees. 80s coming back in your seven-day forecast. we'll have a look at that coming up in our next half hour. back to you. >> thanks, rob. some finished, but some could not. still ahead, why boston
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marathoners return to the ill-fated finish line today. let children know that people do get hurt in the world. >> after this tranl gedy, you m be facing tough questions from your kids. how a parenting expert recommends you handle those fears.
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the youngest victim of the boston bombings was a third grader who lived in the city. he had just gotten an ice cream and was near the finish line watching for friends to run by. martin richard was only 8 years old. his mom and his 6-year-old sister are still hospitalized. neighbors say the sister had one of her legs amputated. outside the family home, someone had written the words peace and shock and set a candle on their front step. the boy's father released a statement saying, quote, my dear son, martin, has died from injuries sustained in the attack on boston. we thank our family and friends,
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those we know and those we have never met for their thoughts and prayers. the bombing in boston has left people of all ages with questions, especially the young ones. many parents are struggling to explain to their kids how an innocent sporting event could turn to tragedy. joe rosato jr. has more from one expert. >> reporter: the imannuges of t blasts striking tragedy at the boston marathon play over and over. pictures of the injured and the aftermath have shaken people across the u.s. and beyond. christey's 9-year-old twin boys haven't yet seen those images, still they know something is wrong. >> i think they overheard something yesterday and they were like there was a bombing? yeah, there was a bombing in boston. >> the bombing took sara back to the day of the newtown shootings when she grappled with how to explain to her sons what had happened. like yesterday, cherry picking information they would hear. >> we really try to focus on the positive from it. look at what good is being done
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from that and people that are going to help the situation. the people that are stepping up now after the situation is over. >> i think you let children know that people do get hurt in the world and people can help one another heal. >> reporter: parenting expert and author patty whipler says following a tragedy like the one in boston, it's important to give children a sense of security. she says many kids will feel anxious and fearful. it's important to answer their questions. >> i think what we want to say to our children is when you're scared, come here. come tell me. i'll help you. >> reporter: she says parents should first sort out their own feelings before talking to their children. >> it doesn't mean we can change the conditions. it means we can change what's going on inside our children, so they can use what power they have to encounter the scary things. >> reporter: sara doesn't think parents need to share everything about a tragedy with their kids, though some things can't be
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ignored. >> i think we can't put them in this situation or make them think that it's a fairy tale world, because it's not. >> marathon runners who weren't allowed to finish yesterday's race returned today to claim their medals. race organizers honored all runners with the coveted memento after yesterday's explosions prevented hundreds from the chance to earn it at the finish line. to many, this medal means a lot more than just completing a 26-mile race. >> it's a badge of courage for sure. our coverage of the terror in boston continues after the break with a live report from our own terry mcsweeney. also coming up, investigators are calling them acts of vandalism. we'll show you how the attacks put public safety in jeopardy in the south bay. and the new store that's giving downtown san jose an economic boost.
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the search for answers tens in boston tonight. >> federal agents say the range of suspects and the motives remain wide open in tuesday's bombing. more than 170 people were wounded, many of them still hospitalized tonight. three people died, including that 8-year-old boy we told you about just a short time ago. a second victim of the bombing has been identified as 29-year-old krystle campbell from massachusetts. her mother spoke to the media today. >> we're heart broken about our krystle marie. she was a wonderful person. everybody that knew her loved her.
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>> that poor woman's pain is so palpable. many bay area families have also been affected by this horrific tragedy. for more on that we head to terry mcsweeney who joins us live from boston tonight. terry. >> reporter: yeah, the people here in boston trying to figure out a way to deal with their grief after yesterday's attack, which hit many of these people very personally. and right now on the street where the bombs went off, we have this memorial with flags and signs and candles. it's not just the people of boston, it's people across the country, including some people from northern california who came out here for the boston marathon. we're talking about the cortains of chico. >> when he handed me the bottled water, that's when the explosion went off. my fellow runners turned around and saw the smoke and thought what was that?
6:28 pm
>> reporter: her husband was at the finish line waiting for his marathoner mate. >> i was probably about 100 yards away when the first bomb went off and about 50 yards away from the second bomb. and at that point kind of the first thing that clicked in was cindy is somewhere near the finish line, i didn't know where. i started running, you know, towards the bombs, towards the finish line. and going in and out because a lot of areas were cordoned off so you couldn't get through there. that's when i came upon a lot of people hurt. got to where i thought she would be and we couldn't find anybody. there was a real kind of lack of communication at that point. about a half an hour later she was finally able to get to her cell phone and she texted me and said i'm okay. >> reporter: is this going to change anything that you do? >> how i look at life. will it change my running or anything? i'm already talking, i'm planning on coming back next year. can't let them win. >> reporter: you're looking at a
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live picture of the people who have come out to this memorial on boylston street. again, the very street where the bombs went off just yesterday. as we look down boylston street, we are getting closer and closer as they move these barricades further and further towards the scene. that bright light down there, those lights are shining right on the area where the bombs went off. the investigation goes on. the crime scene is still huge. not as big as it was even this morning during the 11:00 a.m. news this morning, we were a block that way and there was also a barricade down that way, so things are beginning, beginning to return to some kind of normalcy for the people here in boston. live in boston, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> terry, you talk about normalcy and you see that memorial, but are people still walking around stunned, dazed or do people still feel frightened? >> reporter: it is a -- i would say it's a very obvious sign, the look on people's faces. there's also still a lot of
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people here who ran in the marathon. you can tell because they have these blue jackets that you could buy if you were registered for the marathon. you see them around. we just had a couple come over here, put down a sign in memory of those who died and they were hugging each other and flat out sobbing. i went over to see if they wanted to share their story, talk about the person or persons they were grieving for and they just shook their head and walked away, arms tightly around each other. >> such an emotional day there. our hearts go out to all the victims. terry live in boston, thanks so much. >> so many raw emotions there. well, around the nation, police are still on high alert, but secretary of homeland security janet napolitano said there's no evidence that the bombings in boston are connected to any type of broader terrorist plot. steve handelsman is in the nation's capital where an annual event like the boston marathon that's coming up was not coming up. >> reporter: right, jess, thanks, good evening. i think a lot of people here in the nation's capital and a lot
6:31 pm
visit here like a lot visited in boston this week had the attitude of that young runner from chico, california. can't let them win. and so there were people on the streets here. now boston has dominated in a way what lawmakers are talking about on capitol hill, but lawmakers and ordinary life here in the nation's capital has gone on. in washington, the annual emancipation day parade went off safely. lots of cops everywhere. >> good to see a good police presence. >> reporter: trash cans were tipped over and secured. >> i feel pretty safe. i do. >> reporter: big issues like gun control are out of the spotlight. gabby giffords understands. the horrifying attack dominates the nation's attention, but pulls americans together. this was the chicago tribune, solidarity from one sports mad city to another that's in pain. citing how bostonians rushed in to help the injured.
6:32 pm
president obama sent a message of solidarity and defiance. >> you want to know who we are, what america is, how we respond to evil? that's it. selflessly, compassionately, not afraid. >> reporter: the president's national security team told him today there's no evidence of a broader plot beyond yesterday's attack that he's calling terrorism. >> any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence did not detect the terror planning, says a lawmaker. he got an intel briefing last week. >> and there was no evidence of this at all. no intelligence that seemed to be out there. >> reporter: the top senate republican was critical. >> i think it's safe to say that for many, the complacency that prevailed prior to september 11th has actually returned. >> reporter: today, nervousness returns. false alarms at la guardia, boston and cleveland's airports.
6:33 pm
suspicious packages. reassurance from new york's mayor. >> we won't let the attack in boston keep us from our normal, daily routines. >> reporter: and most americans, seem to agree. >> reporter: two quick things. you heard that criticism from the top senate republican, mitch mcconnell, who complained of complacency. seen here by some democrats as a finger point at the obama administration. it was answered by california senator dianne feinstein who said in effect, wait a minute, there have been lots and lots and lots of terror plots since 9/11 thwarted by federal officials. this is not the rule, whatever happened at boston. point two, gun control suddenly will lurch to the forefront here in washington, pushing boston at least in this town off of front runner. the big vote on the post newtown gun control measure due, and this is a surprise, tomorrow. from the capital, i'm steve handelsman, nbc bay area news.
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>> we'll be watching that closely as well, thank you, steve. today we learned more about the makeup of the bombs used in the attacks in botch. they're called pressurer cooker bombs. explosive material that's packed inside a pressure cooker and then set off. inside the bombs were nails, bb bullets, ball bearings and shards of metal that were spewed into the crowds when they exploded. this type of bomb is seen in afghanistan, india and pakistan. an al qaeda magazine recently published instructions on how to make one. investigators say the bombs were hidden in black duffel bags. in the wake of the bombings in boston, the police department says it is taking the precautionary measures. they are increasing security at san jose sharks games this week. a canine unit will do a bomb sweep of the arena prior to all games. officers at the san jose airport have been placed on high alert and provide uniformed presence. our coverage of the terror in boston continues throughout this newscast and online at
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it is updated around the clock. two disturbing acts of vandalism are under investigation in south san jose tonight. one of them involves gunshots that then led to a massive oil spill at a pg&e transformer. the other knocked out 911 service. tens of thousands of phones in gilroy and other parts of the county. it now appears that the two attacks may be linked and that has sheriff deputies asking some very troubling questions. arturo santiago spoke with the santa clara county sheriff and he joins us live in south san jose. what did you learn? >> reporter: well, we did speak with santa clara county sheriff lori smith less than two hours ago. her investigators now believe that these two acts of vandalism are related. here's how it played out. just after 1:00 this morning, the 911 system in gilroy and others in south santa clara county communities stopped working. a short time later gilroy's residential phone systems stopped working. at&t found the problem at around 7:00 a.m. several manhole covers had been
6:36 pm
broken into and critical fiber optic wires had been cut, but they couldn't do anything to fix it. that's because just after 3:00 a.m., pg&e reported someone had broken through a fence and vandalized a utility substation in the same area. specifically someone used a high-powered rifle to shoot several holes in a pg&e transformer, starting a massive oil leak. >> we believe that the perpetrator or perpetrators were familiar with systems. they knew where to go for the fiber optic. they knew where to cut. they also were able to take out some very, very critical parts of the pg&e substation. >> reporter: now, the cut phone lines and the pg&e substation are within half a mile of each other. it took at&t crews more than nine hours to reroute 911 land line service and they say full phone service may not be completely restored until tomorrow morning. let's bring you back now to a live picture and one more note.
6:37 pm
monterey road was shut down here at metcalf for the investigation. it caused a pretty big backup. then just a few minutes ago, they opened one lane of monterey road and that relieved all the traffic that had been building up. still, drivers are being asked to avoid the area. we're live in south san jose. i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. well, he was the first enduring image from the boston bombings. coming up you'll hear from the runner that millions saw collapse as the world got its first look at images of the actual blast. >> reporter: i'm scott budman with a big and rare retail presence in silicon valley. coming up, the japanese giant drawing big crowds in san jose. and we watched a pretty nice day around the bay area, a little on the windy side. temperatures in the upper 60s and a few low 70s outside today, but ahead, we do have some warming changes ahead as high pressure starts to build in. temperatures getting close to 80 in your seven-day forecast. a look at that when we come right back.
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one of the most enduring images from monday's bombing is the runner this falls when the explosion depose off. watch the runner in orange on the right side of the screen. he collapses as the blast goes off. he is 78-year-old bill iffrig and he was only 100 yards from finishing his third boston marathon. >> this tremendous explosion, sounded like a bomb went off right next to me. the shock waves just hit my whole body. >> despite that dramatic fall, bill says he scraped his knee but that he got back up and he
6:41 pm
was able to cross the finish line. >> so many brave people out there. let's get a check of our forecast. a little windy today. >> before warming we have to go through a little winter chill. we've got the breezes out of the north. you can see it moving the flag there. clear skies tonight setting us up for chilly temperatures, but 80s in your seven-day forecast. we'll have a look at that when we come right back. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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a retail success story in the south bay after a long dry spell without much success. >> our scott budman did a little shopping today at the opening of san jose's newest big store. >> hey, how's it going? >> reporter: as soon as the door opened, it was clear silicon valley has a new hit on its hands. the register was busy all day at the newest muji store, a
6:44 pm
japanese import planted in downtown san jose that has local shoppers buying in. >> well, i definitely save a lot of time, you know, driving up to sf is pretty far, you know. so yes, it's convenient for me and my friends. >> so when i heard muji was coming to downtown san jose, i just live over there in one of the high rises. i thought this is so cool. when i first moved to san jose in '82, it's kind of a dump. now it's great. this is really cool. >> reporter: with its inexpensive mix of clothes and products for your home, muji fits in well with the college and young tech crowd. this is only the third muji store in the u.s., and a lot of thought went into putting it here. >> we offer everything from stationary, clothing, housewares, and they're all simple designs that can fit into any kind of lifestyle for any age range. >> reporter: which makes san jose city leaders, who have struggled with downtown retail
6:45 pm
in the past, very happy. >> this is fabulous because muji appeals to modern, urban people who want to buy housewares and clothing and stationary, things we need in our regular lives. >> reporter: a new shot in the arm for an area that could use it. and it's worth mentioning that in addition to new shoppers, muji expects to bring in new jobs for the downtown san jose. the owner of the store told me earlier today that if the success continues, he expands -- plans to expand even more here in the bay area. reporting live in downtown san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, scott. let's turn things over to rob mayeda. i hope some of the people at the muji store bought some shorts. >> yeah, shorts weather coming our way by the end of the workweek. outside right now mostly 60s except closer to the inner bay in san francisco where you've got that stronger sea breeze, 58 degrees. mid-60s from oakland over towards livermore. notice the wind direction, in
6:46 pm
off the ocean across san francisco, but a cooler, drier wind out of the north reaching into fairfield and the north bay valleys. those locations as the air dries out and enclosure skies overnight, that will allow our temperatures to dip maybe into the 30s tonight. 40s elsewhere for inland valleys. a little warmer for tomorrow. as we get towards thursday and friday, that's when you'll see the temperatures start to climb on up as the winds start to back off. today snow in the sierra. still ongoing around interstate 80 and lake tahoe. that should subside as the sun sets. as high pressure builds in, it will give us clear skies at times but thanks to northerly breezes, we shouldn't see much in the way of low clouds tomorrow morning, which means by the way we'll see clear skies into tomorrow afternoon but set us up for a chilly start for the day tomorrow. we're looking at 30s in our inland valleys, a little colder than we saw this morning. san jose close to 40 degrees. down towards gilroy, livermore and up to the north bay around santa rosa shall those will be
6:47 pm
some of the coldest spots tomorrow morning. the afternoon looking a bit boerm warmer than the -- 75 degrees in pleasanton and low to mid-70s out towards fairfield. over to san francisco, not much warming just yet. we're still in the mid-60s here but even the peninsula and over to oakland, you're going to get those numbers climbing into the 70s by the end of the week. north bay should see those numbers in the mid-70s by tomorrow. so just a slight warmup. cold start to the morning. the morning temperatures will be a bit more mind as we wrap up the workweek and temperatures continue to climb as we approach the upcoming weekend. it does look like the warmest days will arrive just in time for those weekend plans. if you're going to head out to the beach, this is the weekend to do it. we'll see the numbers into the 70s and maybe even mid-80s on monday. so you said shorts weather. beach weather too. >> hope muji carries swimsuits too. thanks, rob. let's get to sports.
6:48 pm
jim is in the newsroom and we are going to talk about baseball first. hi, jim. >> reporter: hey, ladies. that's the way to start it. let's do it with the world champion giants because they began the day tied for first in the nl west with colorado. after the giants took three of four on their current road trip. after a day off, they're back at it tonight in milwaukee, which is actually pronounced milwaukee, which means the good land. for the highlights. giants/brewers. bruce bochy celebrating his 58th birthday. both teams wearing the number 42 on this day in honor of the jackie robinson day monday. pablo sandoval doubles into the gap. pagan and scutaro come on around the bottom of the third, tied at three. a single up the middle. two brewers score. they lead 5-3. in this game right now,
6:49 pm
switching gears a green and gold bit of news. scott size more underwent successful acl revision surgery on his left knee this morning in pensacola, florida. sizemore, who injured his knee on april 9th dpeagainst the ang not expected to play again during the 2013 season. major league soccer has suspended earthquakes forward allen gordon for three games. he was also fined for using unacceptable language against an opponent last sunday against the portland timbers. the commissioner saying that he also has mandated that gordon attend adversity and sensitivity training. a familiar name will once again grace the 49ers practice field. nate montana, son of hall of fame joe montana, scheduled to be aiming to be the draft eligible -- let's get through this players working out for the 49ers koechcoaches and scouts o
6:50 pm
wednesday. good luck to him. we move it story. espn reporting that former cal receiver keenan allen was red flagged for a drug test at the nfl combine in indianapolis. one source said allen had high levels of water in his system. however, allen's agent said the story flat-out wrong. allen, one of the top if not the top wide receiver in this year's draft. to the fight games. robert "the ghost" guerrero held a media day today. the gilroy native who once postponed his boxing career to help his wife, casey, battle leukemia, spoke about the numerous channel engz floyd and mayweather present inside the ring. >> people say you need an a, b, c game plan. with floyd you need an a to z game plan. i'm ready to go, man. i'm excited. worked hard for this. worked hard to be in this
6:51 pm
position. god blessed me with a lot and i'm ready. i had the right fight to be here, built up the right way so i'm ready to go. i'm excited for this. >> and a lot coming up tonight at 11:00. sharks hosting the kings down in san jose, highlights. a's and astros coliseum highlights. giants highlights and more. that's all tonight at 11:00. guys, back to you. >> jim is going to be very busy this evening. >> yes. >> for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, watch comcast sportsnet at 10:30.
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6:53 pm
coming up tonight at 11:00, they claim they can turn you from gay to straight. we're talking about licensed medical professionals who
6:54 pm
believe that homosexuality is a condition that can be fixed. california has just become the first state in the nation to pass a law banning so-called gay conversion therapy. now, that law will be challenged in federal court tomorrow. tonight, though, we speak with people who have undergone the procedure. some say they were converted. others say it made them want to commit suicide. >> yeah, i was suicidal by the end of the time that i spent doing this. >> i felt freer too when i finally got rid of my shame of having homosexual feelings. >> tonight we're going to show you what impogoes on in convers therapy sessions. that's at 11:00 tonight. rob is here to talk about the warmup coming this week. >> in the meantime we've got a little cooling tonight. you'll notice it tomorrow morning as the showers shut down over the sierra, this will open the door for high pressure, which will lead to warming ahead. that should start to kick in a little bit tomorrow. you'll see those numbers climbing into the low 70s inland on wednesday, but really it's the thursday through monday part of the seven-day forecast you
6:55 pm
really see the warming kicking in. mid-80s in some of our warmest spots by the beginning of next week. a little chilly in the meantime but it looks really nice to head out to the coast this weekend. >> thanks, rob. that's going to do it for us. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. >> good night. bye-bye.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
>> i am maria menounos in boston right now on "extra." >> terror at the marathon. the angelic 8-year-old killed trying to hug his father at the finish line. the runner that was knocked to the ground but determined to finish the race. the hero in the cowboy hat that rushed in to save lives. "extra" on the ground with the incredible survivor story.
6:58 pm
>> he got my wife and kids to safety. >> then the manhunt for the mastermind behind the attack. >> we will find whoever harmed our citizens. >> "extra" with matt lauer reporting from the scene today. >> the chaos was very disturbing. >> the man who captured the first blast on camera. >> this is not an accident. this is something that's gone horribly wrong. >> i was here in boston near the finish line when i heard the explosion. i will tell you what it was like in the middle of all of that chaos. >> everyone from conan to ben affleck to mark wahlberg. > tom bergeron in tears, his wife and daughter in boston when the bombs went off. now from boston here is maria menounos. >> i am back in my hometown where a massive search is
6:59 pm
underway for the terrorist behind the attack. people are in total shock today. >> i can't get this video out of my mind, the moment the bomb went off. today we will talk to the man that shot it. first we have to talk about the im. ing herois >> so many more could have lost their live it is without the elpers and e.m.t. workers. >> the face of heart drth break. the face of determination. the president vow to hunt down the killers. >> we will take time to follow every lead, but we will find out. >> "extra" in boston with the story behind the faces, their triumph and tragedy. 8-year-old martin richard frozen in time in photographs, being remembered as a boy that loved to run and climb. he had just gotten ice cream and was cheering


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